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Learning mobile applications can reach where classroom teaching can not. We at Deligence Technologies based in India build mobile applications that make learning on the go easy for millions of students. Whether you are an institution or Education agency, our custom learning app solutions will meet your needs.

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Developing mobile apps for the education sector to maximise Academic Experiences

Gone are those days when traditional teaching and learning were the only methods available. Our Education App Solutions foster Collaborative and Experimental Learning pedagogy.

  • Active engagement with the learning material.  We make learning engaging and interesting. We use gamification like Quizzes, Buzzer mode, Multiple choices to help students learn better. Our App developers focus on making app interactive and help students learn by doing, researching, and receiving feedback.

  • Personalized learning.  We let students create their profiles, make custom searches, attend sessions and alter courses based on their learning styles. We let schools and instructors track each student performance and create a curriculum for their learning styles.

  • Student assessment.  Students can appear for in-app exams created by instructors and Teachers to ensure their understanding of the concepts.

  • Collaborative Learning.  We develop apps for classroom or collaborative learning. The teachers or instructors can share the teachings to the set of students. These students learn together and can share their understanding with their fellow students. This model encourages solving problems in the classroom.

Education app development services

Deligence Technologies delivers feature-rich apps which are a blend of gamification, interactivities, and performance tracking. We create tailored applications that set you apart, still, let you be on the top of the industry.

Features we include:

Push notifications: Timely push notifications and alerts regarding the course or resources can be done efficiently.

Gamification: We blend gamification in the form MCQs, Buzzermode, flashcards to make learning interesting. This feature is particularly required for primary to secondary education.

Course Navigation: Users can navigate to courses easily in few clicks. This enhances their app experience.

Private Messaging: This is an add-on feature for both students and faculties. Our private messaging let students interact with teachers and solve queries. On the other hand, help teachers share student reports to their parents.

Social Login: Students can easily log in via social networks. This makes login authentication and social progress sharing easy.

User Profile: We allow users to create their profiles for personalised learning experiences.

Payment Gateway Integration: We make transactions smooth and uninterrupted with payment gateway integration.

And more! We have a great list of features but we equip yours.

We have done it before and we will do it again!

Our Education app developers have experience in Education app development. Our developers have developed a classroom learning web app which now has over 1M users. We know what blend of technology and features would be good for your Edtech.

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