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An IoT product embedded in fitness equipment requiring BLE, a cross-platform mobile app, and supporting cloud services and web reporting

IoT based Fitness App Development

The Client

Gusto Technologies, Inc. - The mark of a great product is found in the emotion it elicits from users. Since 2011 Gusto has been looking ahead of the market and identifying opportunities in mobile apps and connected devices. Gusto work centers around fitness, passion, and community.Gusto products have attracted international partners, have been distributed through Apple stores worldwide, and have blown crowdfunding campaign targets out of the water.

Gusto Technologies Fitness App Developed

Our Work

Recently we have added different charts to the app. The charts are for different competitions that happen between 2 teams.

Basically, there are 2 categories of competitions i.e. the effort based and the feet based and each of these categories of completions are divided into 3 types of contests which can be played by 2 different teams with any number of players.

The data for these charts comes from the workout being done by the teams in real time.

Stack Ranked

Stack Rank in Fitness App

Shows the performance (effort/feet) of top 15 members from both the teams.

Team Race

Team Race Feature in Fitness App

This will let both the teams to compete with one another. The team who'll reach the goal first, will win the race.

Tug Of War

Tug of War Feature in Fitness app

This will also let both the teams to compete with one another. The team which will drag the other team over the central line will win the contest.


  • The screen of the tablet mounted on each fitness equipment is in sync with the host's(trainers) web browser screen.
  • The host(trainer) can also set a winning point through the web panel.
  • The trainer can start/stop a contest.
  • The trainer can also reset a contest.
Our Fitness App Highlights

We have developed 2 apps with a single code base. An individual app and a studio app. It also has a web panel which has access rights.

The admin can access the web panel to create and manage users, assign gym owners, add equipment and manage studio app settings.

Fitness App Admin Panel

The gym owner can access the web panel to manage users associated with their studio, schedule a class and add users to the class. And the individuals can access to view their stats and the workout history.

The individual app is meant to be used by individual owners of the fitness equipment, which will keep track of their all the workouts. Whereas the studio app will be used by multiple studios (gyms), which will allow trainers to held contests.

The web panel also has an admin tool which allows the admin to setup a studio. Each studio will have their own set of UI settings for the app (admin can reactively change the colour combinations, logo and carousel screens).

Client Review

In seeking offshore help I gave 3 companies the exact same 2-week test task. Deligence achieved the highest quality when the code was reviewed by our senior developer, was nearly 2x faster than the 2nd place team, and tied for the lowest rate. Since that time the Deligence team has become an important part of our development capabilities. They contribute to our mobile development utilizing Meteor JS and Cordova - which has been a wonderful toolset for us. Communication and workflow has been smooth insofar as Deligence adapted to the tools that we already relied upon. (Slack, Skype, Trello, Github, Confluence) Most important, the developer turnover has been low and this keeps productivity high. This last piece is perhaps the most critical aspect of a long-term partnership. We appreciate this team and recommend them. - read more

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